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Civil Rights Movement



Your task is to hold a Civil Rights Movement presentation? You are lucky!

Check out this Civil Rights Movement presentation, designed by the PresentationsPanda. Have you ever wondered what happened in middle of the last century? African-Americans finally received legal rights. However this was a long and hard struggle. Present the history of this struggle with this presentation by the PresentationsPanda.

This presentation starts out with the Harlem Renaissance, which bega in the 1920s. This was the foundation of the fight and struggle for legal rights. After getting to know the foundation, we are diving into the situation of african-american people in the 1920s and will see segregation taking place. Not only were schools segregated, but also the whole society was. Of course, there had to be protest marches to bring equality to the people. After analyzing Rosa Parks history and why she played an important role in the course of action, this Civil Rights Movement presentation speaks about the Sit-Ins as well. Another highlight that has to be mention is the march on Washington. To end the presentation, you will have a question of discusion. When did this movement end? Or is it still progressing today?

Do you fell prepared for your presentation now? Of course you will have to prepare yourself as well. We can´t teach you all the information with just a presentation. However, this presentation will help you and be a guidance for all of your researches. And most certainly, you should use this visual in your talk about the Civil Rights Movement.

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  1. Robin (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Good one! But you need to do your own reading before you can really present it.

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