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The PresentationsPanda

We are here for the fun!

Are you bored of presentations that make everyone fall asleep? A complete room full of boredom and a speaker without a good presentation idea?

You can do better!  Do it with fun, enthusiasm and a great story. This will all be backed up by our beautfiul slides, that won´t make you unnecessary – trust the PresentationsPanda!

PowerPoint only?

Yep, we are absolutely in love with PowerPoint and never regret the decision to work with this tool only. There is not even one presentation idea, that we can not create with PowerPoint. So why working complicated, when simplicity is all you need?

We keep it simple

But simple does not mean boring.The best presentations ever made are not filled with information, but communicate the presentation ideas in a simple and smart way. Are you ready for a presentation like the ones from Steve Jobs, or Seth Godin?

You can also head over to our Shop to see what we create and get a premade presentation. Check out our fancy slides, created only with PowerPoint to know what awaits you! Try the slider to see what our work does to your slides. You will have these visually appealing and calm slides behind you, so you don´t have to worry about them. Fascinate the crowd not only with your words, but also with your visuals. 

Transforming the world of Presentations

…starting with YOURS