The Presentation College

–  Leveling up your pesentation skills with 3 little secrets- 


Have an outstanding beginning


This Presentation College is worthless as long as you don´t hook up with your audience right from the very beginning. When you think about the last presentation you heard, what is most present in your head? In most cases it´s the start of it. This is why you HAVE TO put loads of effort into a beginning to remember.

You want me to be more practical? Sure you do!

First of all, never ever start your presentation like this: ‘Hey, I´m John and I would like to speak about human organs’. Buh! This is the worst start you can ever take. At this point, noone knows why they should listen to you. Humans are very into their personal benefits. Why should they listen to you? What is their use of the information you are going to provide? Answer this question first and hook their attention with a starting sentence like this: ‘You can drastically prolong your lifespan. You want to know why? I´m going to tell you all about your organs and how to keep them healthy.’. Now you´ve got their attention and now they will hanging on your every word.

In college or university you will definitely see surprised faces. This is what you want! Surprise them with your speech or presentation and they will listen to you forever. 


Use your voice


Bla bla bla… this sounds like the usual run-of-the-mill speaker, that is just an instant away of falling asleep herelf/himself. However, you don´t want to be in everyone´s memory as a sleepyhead. Try something like this: Blaaah…bla Bla bllla. Looks strange right? What I want to tell you is the following: use the range of your voice. You can adjust anything from speed to tone of your voice to offer your listeners a variety. When you really want to get a point across speak slooooowly and quietly. As soon as you fell that your audience is getting sleepy again, speak up or even clap your hands. Keep them engaged all the time.

To dive into this topic even further, check out this TED Talk. 


Tell a story


What would a good presentation college be without this new trend called ‘Storytelling’. Everyone is just crazy about stories. Why? Because their impact is exceptional.

Think about your favourite book, movie or tv show. All of these mediums use the opportunity of evoking feelings trough stories. In the year of 1997 a huge amount of people went to the movie theatres. They didn´t spend all their money and time to see a ship sinking. They went there to FEEL the heartwarming, but also tragic story  of two good-looking humans. Not an allto small percentage of them even broke out in tears at the end of the movie. This is why you should remember: You won´t laugh, cry or be depressed because of PowerPoint slides but because of the stories someone tells about them.

No worries: You will always be able to tell a story about your topic. If you don´t have a personal one just be creative and make one up that fits your needs. Make it a non-linear story with its ups and downs and build in huge plot twists. Your audience will love you for the entertainment. 


Congratulations! You finished the Presentation College


Now go out there and make the world of presentations a better place to be. Catch your audience from the very beginning, keep their attention with the use of your voice and tell an engaging story. We are looking forward to seeing you on the big stages of the world.

But what´s the next step to take?

Option 1

Do it all by yourself

You know what to do after reading this post. Go out and start creating!

Option 2

Let us design it

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Option 3

Buy a premade one

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