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We are dedicated to deliever you Power Point presentations to all kinds of topics, that will make you drool. Being the former team of, we are passionate about designing fascinating Powerpoint presentations to make your next talk, seminar presentation or lecture outstanding!
Not only are we motivated college students, we are also bringing a fresh breeze to the market of boring and colourless talks.
Your success motivates us to put all our effort and skills into our work, that will blow the mind of your listeners. Did you always want your colleagues, commilitones or classmates to be jealous of what you delievered? Then browse trough our shop, find your preferred topic and let them be jealous.




You want to deliever an outstanding presentation, that will burn into the minds of all of your listeners? Let us help you with that! What you receive will simply blow their minds and keep you as a presenter in their heads forever. Go one step further on the career ladder with our outstanding work. Not only will you be delievering the talks of our life, you will also understand what the principles of outstanding presentations are. As a result, we will do our best to push your presentation skill to the next level.


In addition to that, we will be your first level of support , regarding presentation techniques and body language. In fact, you can simply contact us via Facebook, Mail or whatever connection you want and let us know where you want to improve. Of course, we will do everything to make you as a customer happy. In the future, we are planning to do Live-Webinars and Skype-Sessions for free, to give you another push for your soft-skills. Certainly you want to learn anything in particular, do you? We are awaiting your message in our inbox and look forward to your ideas.
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Still not convinced of our service? Let us highlight the advantages of PresentationsPanda:

  • pure motivation – we love designing and creating outstanding PowerPoint Presentations
  • professionality – we spent hours and hours of our life on software and books about to deliever you the best result possible
  • speed – we love to spend our days and nights on working on your job!